Salt & Blood Pressure

heart_imgSalt & Blood Pressure

So what is it with salt and high blood pressure? Given the overwhelming results in a number of studies over the last 25 years, evidence would seem to suggest that consuming high levels of sodium in our diets increases the chances of high blood pressure. Conversely, by reducing the amount of sodium in our diets or sticking to a low sodium diet, it appears that our blood pressure will drop or be maintained in a normal healthy condition.

In our diets, sodium predominantly comes from the salt we eat. This might be hidden in processed foods or added to our cooking and plates at home. Suffice to say that eating too much salt could be the driver that raises your blood pressure. The more salt you eat, the chances are that the higher your blood pressure will be.

Of course, it is not salt alone that determines whether or not we have high blood pressure. Eating an unhealthy diet, rich in fatty, sugary foods and consuming a lot of alcohol, little or no fresh fruit and vegetables will also have a significant impact on our blood pressure. Lifestyles which are sedentary and lacking in activity will definitely have negative impacts on not just blood pressure but our general health and wellbeing.

A balanced healthy diet and lifestyle will have huge benefits for your general level of health and by using our superb Saltneys salt alternative as part of this, you will be happy in the knowledge that you will be adding virtually no sodium at all to your diet.

You will soon come to realise that Saltneys really is the better way.

Click here to find out more about a healthy lifestyle and salt in your diet by visiting the NHS Choices website.