Using Saltneys

coupleUsing Saltneys

You won’t believe how easy Saltneys salt alternative is to use and how great your food will taste when you swap from your regular table salt or sea salt.

Saltneys salt alternative has been designed to be a complete substitute for regular salt and sea salt. Unlike other low salt, salt alternative or salt replacer products, we add no salt at all but Saltneys salt alternative still has all the great taste of regular table salt or sea salt.

Our innovative high purity, natural ingredient technology enhances the fantastic natural taste and flavours of your food so your food will taste great – just as if you’ve used salt. Use Saltneys salt alternative in all your cooking as it will improve the flavour – just like regular table salt or sea salt.

Sprinkle Saltneys salt alternative over your food at the table or add to your saucepans when cooking – just like salt.

Saltneys salt alternative tastes great shaken onto salads, vegetables, eggs, fish, potatoes and, when you want to spoil yourself occasionally, oven chips.

Try adding Saltneys salt alternative to salad dressings, pasta and pasta sauces, soups, mashed vegetables, curries, stir-fries, casseroles and stews and roasted joints of meat. It’s so easy to use and it tastes just like salt.

Saltneys really is ‘The better way’.