What is Saltneys?


Saltneys salt alternative is a 100% salt alternative that is made with completely natural ingredients, is virtually sodium free, high in natural potassium and has all the flavour of regular table salt and sea salt.

Saltneys salt alternative is not a low salt as we add no salt at all, yet it can be used in just the same way as regular salt or sea salt. At home, use it as part of a healthy lifestyle by sprinkling onto your food or use in your cooking to add great flavour. As the name suggests, Saltneys is the perfect alternative for regular table salt or sea salt and it can be used for every purpose that you would normally use table salt or sea salt for. The difference is clear, Saltneys is the healthy alternative to salt and it makes food taste great too.

It’s time to throw out your regular table salt and try Saltneys instead – it’s the better way.


Stop adding regular or sea salt to your cooking and add Saltneys instead. It’s virtually sodium free