Why Saltneys?

why_saltrite2Naturally Low Sodium

Saltneys salt alternative is a salt alternative that is made with completely natural ingredients, is virtually sodium free, high in natural potassium and has all the flavour of regular table salt.

Saltneys salt alternative contains 99.5% less sodium than table salt and sea salt and when used at home in the same way as salt, your intake will be virtually free of sodium. Most other salt reducers, salt alternatives and low salt products contain much higher levels of sodium. Saltneys salt alternative is not a low-salt as we add no salt at all.

And it’s not just about the sodium, however. Saltneys salt alternative does not contain any artificial flavours, colours, or MSG meaning all of our ingredients are NATURAL.

Consuming Sodium

Salt, whether it be regular table salt or sea salt, contains sodium. Salt is regularly used to flavour our food when we use it at home in our cooking, at the table from the shaker or used in foods we buy from the grocery store. All this salt is one of the main drivers for providing the sodium in our diets, even sea salt contains the same high level of sodium..

It has been medically proven that a diet high in sodium can increase the risk of high blood pressure and by reducing the amount of sodium we consume in our diets we could reduce the risk of heart disease. The issue is that we can’t clearly see how much sodium we are consuming because it’s either hidden in our food or unmeasurable when we use the salt sprinkler at home.

As consumers, a large proportion of the sodium we consume in our diets comes from processed foods, Items such as bread, ready meals, pizzas, snacks etc. all contain hidden sodium and in the case of foods such as breads, although their levels of sodium might not be as bad as other food stuffs, we eat a lot of it. By also using regular table salt or sea salt at home the amount of sodium consumed in a day can be much higher than the daily recommended amount.

The Evidence of Sodium Intake

There is credible evidence supporting consumers over reliance on salt, as a couple of recent studies shows.

In the UK alone, an overall 70% of participants in a 2012 Government Health Department assessment report had a daily intake of salt higher than the recommendation of no more than 6g per day. The mean estimated salt intake, derived from urinary sodium excretion, for adults aged 19 to 64 years was 8.1g per day.

University of Pennsylvania nutrition expert Lisa Hark, author of Nutrition for Life has claimed, ‘Americans consume way too much salt, mostly in processed foods’. In one landmark DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) experiment, volunteers were divided into three groups, each being instructed to consume three different levels of sodium per day. Across the spectrum, the less sodium the volunteers consumed, the lower their blood pressure.

We here at Saltneys understand that sometimes the food that we eat is lacking in taste and naturally we all reach for the salt to help improve the taste. This is only compounding the issue but…… ‘there is a better way’.

Benefits of Saltneys

Saltneys salt alternative is the great guilt free alternative to salt and it has all the taste of regular salt or sea salt. We can’t change the sodium that’s in your grocery bought food but you can feel at ease knowing that however much Saltneys you use in your food at home, you are adding virtually no sodium at all.


  • Is virtually sodium free – it contains over 99% less sodium than regular or sea salt.
  • Made using only natural ingredients.
  • Is a complete alternative for regular and sea salt but with virtually zero sodium.
  • Enhances the flavour of your food just the same as regular and or sea salt.
  • Is so easy to use – it’s just the same as regular and or sea salt.
  • Can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Saltneys really is ‘The better way’.